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Wednesday, 2 January 2013

Save girls save your mother, sister, wife and India

I end up my previous blog with condemnation of our soul except finding solution in this affair. After shouting Now 2012 end up with many rape or domestic violence cases and 2013 is going to start but again a question grow up in my mind “what we learn from rape cases?” What we actually need to guide our upcoming generation? What girl would be aware about her protection? As a young Indian writer I have some points to secure young Indian girls from narrow minded persons but my points are not only related to girls’ security but also related ‘who thinks girl should have to change herself also’. These are my personal opinion and my aim is not to heart anybody. My points are given below for girl’s security:-

1>Avoid empty or desolate path: - everybody suggest girls should have to avoid walk alone on the empty or desolate path but if girls are in such kind of trouble and they are walking alone on the road then they have to call the police or any family concern person (who can reach sooner) instantly without taking any risk and inform your parents about your location with name of police person or concerned guys.

2>Don’t fear and Shout: - Always Girls ignore teasing, molesting, eyes harassment, physical harassment, following as well as unacceptable flirting but always these ignorance make stronger your opposition. So don't fear and start to shout and insult the guy among rush or call police before doing these activities at least get photograph of a person.

3>late night parties:-I am not suggesting girls to avoid late night parties but taking care of yourself. As a writer I am only sharing my opinion related to this point therefore you must carry own vehicle and drive alone or with your female friend, avoid offered drinks, inform party location & friends details with their addresses to your parents, feel uncomforted then leave party else call your parents, sustain yourself in groups, don’t ignore harassing activities and instantly call parents.   

4>Chatting: - Everybody say “if you are communicating on-line, use a nickname and always keep personal information such as home address and phone number confidential” but if you are really serious in chatting and looking for a meeting with that guy then keep some points in your mind a) meet at public place b) take real information or picture of guy c) prefer group meeting d) at least share guy information with 10 friends e) meeting place ,guy information ,time should be updated to your close friend or parents. f) Feel uncomfortable call for help instantly.

Finally I say that we have to escape from our narrow minds because we have also sister, mother, wife in house and they are living with us without any fear because we protect her. Similarly India is your home then decision is yours and choice is yours……..

Jai hind jai Bharat.


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